Upgrade your online store with 2.0 Version of Magento which is on a fast track to be released. It has been under development from quite some time, but finally Magento has successfully stepped up their development efforts to achieve a complete revamp of its code base. However, you won’t be able to migrate from your existing version to the new 2.0 automatically as its architecture is completely different. It’s a total revamp! But the good news is that the shop owners will get an access to certain tools which might help them in the transition stage. The Magento 2.0 will be moving from prototype.js to jQuery which wasn’t robust enough earlier. It will also use PHP 5.4 along with 5.5, CSS3 and HTML 5.

By the time Magento 2.0 is being released, make sure that your website is upgraded to the recent version i.e. 1.5, 1.6, or 1.7 and is free from security vulnerabilities. Also, these updates will not be completely backward compatible.

Talking about installations and upgrades, the Magento team is currently working on updated information on versioning policies and compatibilities with current versions. Before installation, the new version is most likely to support speedier installations by proactively checking for prerequisites. After the installation, you need not worry about the downfall in performance and scalability. A full page cache will be available as well as Varnish and Redis support insuring that the indexers are not blocking any on-going process.

Improvised features for Designing

Dragging and dropping texts/images will also get easier on Magento 2 because of this feature “Visual Layout”. There is an important add-on called Component implemented as a part of Visual Design Editor. These container options hold blocks and other containers. Skins are eliminated and themes will be introduced for designing purpose whereas adding new products to the system will be faster and quicker unlike the past.

The Menu system and Navigation too is completely revamped. Other highlights of Magento 2.0 are:


Here at Web Circle, our Certified Magento Developers will help you with:

  • Optimized database access for your e-Commerce system.
  • A band new re-indexing operation, that allows you to minimize dependability on database lookups
  • Code enhancements to streamline the performance

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