Joomla Web Development – Websites Made Easy

Joomla is one of the most popular Open Source Content Management System available today. Joomla Websites are benefitted enormously from ongoing development to the platform and enhancements that the dedicated Joomla developer community continues to make to its core.

Being an Open Source Platform, Joomla is free to use.

Joomla Web Developers around the world have been developing new extensions and components for the Platform. While many of these Joomla website components are free, some can be bought by paying a small fee. The small fees that you pay for these components is still much smaller than thousands of dollars you will probably pay to develop something that will allow you the same level of features and benefits.

The Joomla web developer community has also been regularly releasing joomla upgrades to ensure that the Joomla core is secured.

Joomla Website use a template based structure that allows you to make design changes to your website easily. Expert Joomla developers can easily update the design of your website (or even create a new design) without having to do anything with your content. So changing the look and feel of your website will not require you to copy your content or migrate to a new website.

Once your website is developed in Joomla, you can easily manage the content and images using the Joomla admin interface.

Some of the features that Joomla provides include:

  • Ability to easily add/update content on the website including creating new pages
  • Link content with new pages
  • Add/Manage images and galleries
  • Manage news and blogs (require additional components)
  • Manage the look and feel of the website

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