Is 'Cloud' More Than a Buzzword?

It seems like everything today is part of the 'Cloud' – even things that don't really make sense. That's because The Cloud has become one of those buzzwords people throw around to sound smart.

We don't try to sound smart – we just are – that’s what makes us one of the leading cloud consulting companies in Sydney.

We know how The Cloud Services can benefit your business even if you don't, and we're more than happy to talk about the possibilities, from cloud storage to using Google Apps on the road, to hosted exchange services, CRM, and billing and accounting services stored in the Cloud and available to you or your employees no matter where you are, all of it backed up on a constant basis.

Once we're through with you not only will your data be secure and available wherever you or yours happen to be, you'll also never fear a server crash again.

Why Us?

  • We can easily develop a tailor-made strategy, depending on what is expected from the cloud – savings, revenue, or growth.
  • We talk to you to better understand your expectations, and even do an in-depth analysis, if the need be.
  • Each project is assigned a dedicated cloud consultant, whose job is to find out what may work best and what might deter you (customisation, privacy, regulations, etc.) from taking advantage of the cloud.
  • We have been offering cloud consulting services for quite some time now and have helped several clients migrate to cloud infrastructure.
  • We consider ourselves accountable, and therefore, keep you in the loop, always.
  • We only work with agile and low risk solutions.

If you want that sort of confidence in the security and stability of your data and platforms, call us today. We'd love to show you what we are capable of.

Get in touch and call us on 1300 760 363.